About Worldtrans

Your AIR and SEA transport specialist

Worldtrans is your specialist in airfreight and seafreight. We are a company that appreciates close and strong relationship, both between customers and suppliers. We set high standards for delivering quality products to our customers, and our suppliers are familiar with these requirements. To meet the demands placed on us, we are both flexible and adaptable in our approach to projects and solutions. We want you, as a customer, to get the experience of professionalism, efficiency, and passion when you deal with Worldtrans.

Worldtrans is a Hong-Kong owned freight forwarding company with Danish departments that have operated in the Danish market since 1987.

Partners worldwide

We offer several weekly departures from most major airports and ports, both import and export. We also offer weekly consolidations in selected airports and ports, and ensure that all our suppliers meet the space requirements and offer optimum transit times. We cherish high quality, and our dedicated offices in Asia, and our partners worldwide are focused on that all our clients match our expertise, professionalism and know-how. We are constantly updating on the market’s needs, so we can offer the best prices and service to our customers.

Your choice of transport partner

We aim, with many years of experience in the industry, to be the natural choice of transport partner for businesses, individuals, and organizations, committed to a trusting partnership, high customer service and close relationship.

Responsible and resourceful

With our strong team of skilled employees and many years of experience in the industry, we have created a healthy and attractive workplace. We as a company take responsibility for ensuring that students receive the best possible education in the industry, so we can ensure good training and realized potential.