Your handling agent

Forwarder Back Office
  • We are flexible and we operate as a full independent broker & handling agent being in the market for more than 30 years. Just let us know about any task related to your business and we will seek to solve this in a professional and proper way to keep your customers happy.
  • Our IT service system is maintained in-house and based on Dynamics NAV and EDI. This makes it easy for your clients to adopt and make the customs service work smoothly. Simply let us know your needs and we will be happy to fulfill any requests you may have.
  • No task is too big, and no task is too small. Already today we are handling a huge number of shipments as a preferred Handling Agent or Key Account operator.
  • Any of your customers that need special handling please just let us know, we are ready to handle on your behalf in a neutral way where you as the preferred forwarder only need to respond to your customers. We are a simple and exclusive solution to all your freight/shipping transactions.